Ashraf is the principal and founder of VisualFUSE. Ashraf draws on his extensive experience in strategic transformation, investment, innovation and portfolio management. He spent a considerable portion of his career guiding transformational technologies from infancy through to commercialisation in organisations ranging from fortune 500 to start-up's.

Prior to establishing VisualFUSE, Ashraf served as the National Executive for Knowledge Transformation at the Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce Australia and as Chief Investment and Operations Officer for the Smart Water Fund, where he led industry wide transformation initiatives. Prior to that, Ashraf held various leadership and management roles at Capstone Partners, Leica Microsystems, Invetech and AMRAD Discovery Technologies.

Ashraf acquired his BSc (honours) in Chemistry and Molecular Biology from Wollongong University, an MBA in technology management from Deakin University and more recently an executive certificate in Venture Capital and Private Equity from Harvard Business School. He currently serves on several advisory boards and committees, including Enterprise Accelerators, Deakin University and the Hargraves Institute. He is also treasurer and secretary for a chapter of Wollongong University Alumni.

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Ashraf Abdelmoteleb

Principal - Strategic Transformation

About the founder

About VisualFUSE

VisualFUSE specialises in helping organisations set a new performance standard by building the internal capacity to drive step change. We focus on the pragmatic use of best practice tools, creation of alignment between strategy and activities, and managing the execution journey through the visualisation of key business information.

With over 100 years of research and development in business performance models, the myriad of methodologies and tools has become a difficult to navigate minefield for many organisations. In addition, small and medium size organisations may not have the skill or capacity to implement a holistic methodology, nor is it necessary for them to do so.

VisualFUSE brings together extensive experience in organisational transformation through the pragmatic use of business tools in a variety of industries and settings. By understanding the philosophy underpinning the design of the tools, we are able to demystify the jargon and select fit for purpose combinations that are better suited to enhancing the performance of the organisation.

VisualFUSE offers layered levels of support based on the client’s strategic priorities and more importantly, the ability to implement. Our success is measured by our client’s considering us an integral extension of their growth journey.
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