About SharpCloud

SharpCloud is a visual storytelling and social collaboration software for business, used in a variety of strategic use cases where visualisation of complex interconnected information is necessary. Headquartered in the UK, SharpCloud Software Ltd is a Microsoft Silver partner and a Gartner Cool Vendor. SharpCloud is a cloud delivered service accessed via your browser using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, for whom security is a top priority. SharpCloud offers various deployment options to suit the specific requirements and governance demands of enterprise businesses and public organisations.

SharpCloud is different to traditional data visualisation tools. Each SharpCloud story combines structured data - spreadsheet or automated feeds - and unstructured collateral - documents, videos, powerpoint - with the ability to visualise time, relationships and meaningful insight across your business process.

VisualFUSE is a SharpCloud partner for Australia and New Zealand, providing sales and application support to clients in the region.

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